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The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC) has adopted its plan to address the City’s housing affordability crisis. Our 2014 Housing Action Plan identifies nine initiatives we will undertake to increase the production of new housing, particularly for our underserved middle class. Policy changes, a spirit of civic innovation and experimentation will be necessary to reach the Mayor's goal of 30,000 new homes by 2020.
Nine changes that will help improve affordability:
  1. Reform Entitlements Process
  2. All Neighborhoods Should Help Increase Housing Supply
  3. Increase the Flexibility of Our Rules
  4. Encourage Innovation in Housing
  5. Start Planning Along Transit Corridors
  6. Adopt Density Bonus Rules
  7. Find New Funding Resources for Housing
  8. Unused City Land Should Support Housing
  9. Put Hunters Point, Treasure Island and ParkMerced Into Production 

Read the full 2014 Housing Action Plan

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SF Housing Action Coalition

SF Housing Action Coalition

The SF Housing Action Coalition is a member-supported non-profit that advocates for the creation of well designed, well-located housing at all levels of affordability. We believe more housing means more choices and better solutions for San Franciscans.

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