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On Tuesday, June 21st, the Board of Supervisors will vote between two very different plans to build affordable housing in San Francisco. The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition has reviewed and endorsed the proposed 100% component of the Affordable Housing Bonus Program. There’s an inferior competing proposal attempting to make a coup on this vetted legislation. A comparison of the two proposals is available below. There will be no public comment at the hearing on Tuesday but it’s not too late to add your voice! Enter your zip code to get started.

Democracy in Action – Record a 30-second video to virtually testify at City Hall.

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Quick Steps to Making a Video:

  1. Add your home address (this video will be sent to your SF Supervisor only)
  2. Add your email so your Supervisor can respond if needed.  
  3. Record your video! 30-seconds max.

If you’re having any problems recording a video, email michael@countable.us and cc corey@sfhac.org and we’ll help out. Thank you for advocating for solutions to the housing crisis.

AHBP Final

You might be asking, “Wait, I thought the Affordable Housing Bonus Program had a mixed-income component, too”. Here are the details of what happened:

On Monday, June 13th, Supervisor Katy Tang’s Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP) made its debut at the SF Supervisor’s Land Use Committee. Sup. Tang made it clear that the AHBP has two components:

  1. Density Bonuses for Mixed-Income Projects
  2. Density Bonuses for 100% Affordable Housing Projects

SFHAC has always supported both parts of the AHBP. In order to be sure we got the best possible 100% affordable housing legislation across the finish line, Sup. Tang split the two components and moved the 100% affordable component forward to the full board. Why? Supervisor Aaron Peskin recently introduced what we see to be inferior legislation that he’s coined, “Density Done Right”. He threatened to replace Sup. Tang’s 100% Affordable component and replace it with “Density Done Right”, which SFHAC does NOT support for a number of reasons. This very brazen attack on Sup. Tang’s legislation did not pass Land Use Committee. However, this battle between the two versions is NOT over and we fully expect Sup. Peskin to attempt the same “gut and amend” tactic in front of the full Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, June 21st. This is why your voice matters more than ever!

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