Thank you for your interest in the BayHAC!

In 1999, we began calling for an end to our affordability crisis through creation of well-designed, well-located housing, at all levels of affordability as the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC). In the past year, we have taken our mission Bay Area-wide with a 501(c)4 advocacy arm, the Bay Area Housing Advocacy Coalition (BayHAC).  We would be honored if you will become a member of one or both organizations.

We will continue our work in San Francisco that has made us a trusted organization within City limits but the need for a regional voice is obvious. Whether it is project by project advocacy, weighing in on ballot measures and legislation, or educating the public, our success in San Francisco will be replicated on a regional level.

  • Project Review Committee has seen and endorsed projects from San Jose up to Millbrae, Oakland and even Rohnert Park. Through these efforts, we are building connections with local officials, advocates and pro-housing neighbors who will key the pro-housing movement for the region.

  • Weighing in on important regional policy discussions, like the Oakland Downtown Plan. Engaging in these conversations has begun to establish BayHAC’s credibility as a good faith partner with the region’s best interests in mind.

  • BayHAC has taken up the mantle as a leader in regional advocacy of policy at the State-level. Since late 2018, our team has made contact with every elected official (councilmember and Supervisor) in the nine counties to engage in conversations around Senator Wiener’s More HOMES Act. We have also been called upon to offer informed opinions on legislation originating from the CASA Compact.

  • Robust social media strategy. We can provide a pro-housing voice, educate and organize people using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) in a way that’s been underutilized in the past. With this focus, we can bring a pro-housing voice to any part of the region.

For 20 years, SFHAC staff and members have supported efforts to end the crisis stemming from our housing shortage. We would be honored to have your support as our voice goes regional.

While we are in the process of building out this page, please feel free to email us with questions using the link below:

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