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When the housing market heats up, the SF Housing Action Coalition’s phone starts ringing.  As a small, yet influential housing advocacy group, we are asked to weigh in on housing in San Francisco. To capture these references, we’ve added a new page to our site called SFHAC in the Media,” which gives our followers an easy way to stay updated with our work since January 2014.
We’ve highlighted a few of our proud pieces below.
June 27 – The SFHAC’s become a valuable resource for information on proposed residential and mixed-use development thanks to our Reviewed Projects page.

1066 Market media

June 17 – Executive Director, Tim Colen, quoted in SF Gate, about Supervisor Kim’s Housing Metering Legislation, “The idea that by punishing market-rate housing that it will deliver more affordable housing makes no sense.”

Jane Kim

May 30 – Leading up to the June 2014 election, Tim Colen wrote an Op-Ed for the SF Business Times explaining why the Proposition B measure is a poor way to implement land use policy and would hurt housing affordability.

Prop B

February 27 – The SFHAC stood up for a threatened 12-unit, on-site affordable housing, car-free project at 1050 Valencia Street that went to the Board of Appeals, as covered in Streetsblog SF.

1050 Valencia

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