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In order to remain a diverse city, we should be building homes for ALL San Franciscans. All the new housing currently being build are market-rate, low & very low-income homes. Where’s the new housing for the middle-class?

The San Francisco Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP) is common sense legislation to address this missing middle. By removing density limits, home builders can provide more housing on a piece of land within the same building envelope. 18% of these new homes will be allocated to middle-class San Franciscans, delivering truly mixed income communities.* The Planning Commission needs to hear, ‘I want to keep middle-class families in San Francisco. I support the AHBP.’ This is why we’re asking you to come this Thursday to show your support for the AHBP at this important hearing.

The three ways you can get this legislation across the finish line:

  1. Good- Sign the AHBP petition – Aiming for 1,000 signatures by Thursday!
  2. Better- Hear the facts at an AHBP Presentation – Join us this Tuesday night
  3. Best- Attend the AHBP Hearing on Thursday, January 28th at 3:00pm. Let’s fill the room show that there is city-wide support for this smart housing policy. We know the nay-sayers will be there saying this program is bad for San Francisco.

As one supporter put it, “The AHBP is the most cost-effective way for us to build new affordable and middle-class housing.” It’s time to stand up for smart housing policy that keeps San Francisco – a city for all. We’re asking you to do your part to help carry this legislation across the finish line.

Send An Email The Planning Commissioners

Attend The Hearing

* Up to 140% Area Median Income is how Mayor’s Office of Housing classifies middle-class housing. AHBP is the first of its kind in providing a tool to build new middle-class housing. There are no other local, state or federal programs that provide funding to build middle income homes.

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