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Food Hall Enlivens Mid-Market
If you’ve walked down Market Street lately, you may have noticed some new life on the block between Sixth and Seventh Streets. The opening of The Hall enlivens the Mid-Market corridor and brings tasty treats along with it. The former vacant, graffitied Hollywood Billiards building now operates as a food court that includes seven independent culinary vendors and a bar, with both indoor and outdoor seating.
Craig Young and Ross Stackhouse of Tidewater Capital, two recent arrivals who decided to do some something creative with the vacant space before it’s demolished under their development plan, conceptualized the 1028 Market Street Food Hall. Tidewater teamed with SFHAC member Solomon Cordwell Buenz Architects to design the mixed-use project, which will eventually become 186 rental apartments over 10,000 square feet of retail, touching both Market Street and Golden Gate Avenue. During the 18-24 month entitlement process, the community will benefit from the new activity on that Mid-Market block.
The SFHAC applauds neighborhood serving uses and looks forward to other developers getting creative during the entitlement wait. Forest City, the developer of Pier 70 project, has done similar community outreach through open-air markets, tours and community events bringing neighbors to dilapidated, underused land that currently restricts public access to a large swath of prime waterfront.
Tidewater Capital recently presented their plans for their mixed-use project at 1028 Market to SFHAC’s Project Review Committee. Although the project is still too early in the design process to receive a formal project endorsement, the committee’s members fully support The Hall and appreciated seeing the project in its early stage, allowing for opportunity to offer input on the project’s housing elements. The Project Review committee will invite Tidewater to present the project for a formal endorsement when they have finalized plans.
As a direct result of the Twitter tax deal, Mid-Market is undergoing a rapid transformation. In the past 6 months, our Project Review Committee has seen five mixed-use developments proposed for Market Street, totaling almost 1,000 homes.
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