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FUF: Keeping San Francisco Green

On March 10th, the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition’s Regulatory Committee heard from Jasmine Lim from the Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF). Last November, voters passed “Prop E” which shifted ownership of trees on public sidewalks from property owners to the City. Developers are also required to add trees in front of major development projects. With all the moving pieces, this was a great opportunity to hear from our friends at FUF on how they’re keeping our City green.

See FUF’s Presentation

Aside from the ownership of trees, there are a number of detailed regulations for planting including distance from sidewalks and streets, impact on Underground Service Alert (USA) systems, and a three year watering program facilitated by the City to ensure that the tree has a healthy early life. If you want to know more about FUF, how mandatory tree plantings impact housing developments, or simply want a new tree in front of your house, reach out to Jasmine at

Image: Friends of the Urban Forest

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