At the Housing Action Coalition, education is at the heart of our advocacy efforts. The ins-and-outs of housing in the Bay Area can be confusing, so we created “Bay Area Housing 101”, a traveling road show that is perfect for lunch at companies, or nightly neighborhood association meetings. Contact us and we will provide the electronic copy for you to present or provide the presentation and answer questions ourselves.

If you prefer to learn on your own time, you can watch The HAC Learning Series. Watch the videos all at once, or take your time and learn through a week’s commute. Most importantly, a knowledgeable advocate is a great advocate. Enjoy learning!

Our Video Series Includes:

Why Should You Care?

What is Subsidized Affordable Housing?

A History of Bay Area Housing

San Francisco’s Housing Stock

The Cost of Building Housing

How Housing Impacts the Enviroment

New Housing is a Good Thing!

Solutions to the Affordability and Displacement Crisis

How HAC Makes a Difference

How Dirt Becomes Homes