neighborhood planningWe supported and provided advocacy for adoption of the major rezoning contained in five neighborhood planning that cover significant parts of the City: Eastern Neighborhoods, Market and Octavia, Balboa Park, Central Subway Corridor and the Transit Center District. These plans take under-utilized, often blighted or vacant industrial land and, through extensive community planning, design more vibrant uses that build new housing, open space and businesses then integrate them with enhanced transportation options. The Market & Octavia Plan has become a notable success, while the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan is starting to gain speed as we emerge from the Great Recession. It is important to SFHAC that we not lose our resolve about delivering the increased height and density adopted in these plans that is necessary to deliver the proposed community benefits.


SF Planning: Eastern Neighborhoods

Market and Octavia Area Plan

Balboa Park Station Area Plan

Central Corridor Planning Project

Transit Center District Plan