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Francisco Reservoir                      Image Credit: John Stewart's Presentation
John Stewart, founder and Chairman of the John Stewart Company, a well-known affordable housing developer, recently shared his idea to build housing on a long defunct reservoir on Russian Hill. Francisco Reservoir is an SFPUC-owned site and has not been used for water storage in over 70 years. Neighbors from the Russian Hill community are proposing  a park be built on the site. However, due to our current housing crisis as well as the site's proximity to other pleasant parks and open spaces, the SFHAC feels new housing would be a more appropriate use. This would be an excellent opportunity to use city-owned land for middle-income housing, which is severely lacking in San Francisco, and create new public open space. To help advance Mr. Stewarts proposal, the SFHAC wrote a letter of support for his idea to Mayor Lee.
Download the letter here

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