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Brisbane Baylands

Last week, SFHAC and other regional leaders on housing co-signed a letter to the Brisbane City Council urging them to support a land use plan at Brisbane Baylands that includes a substantial amount of housing. This project has become the poster child for the housing crisis. Brisbane’s decision-makers must understand that what happens at the Baylands has implications that extend far beyond Brisbane’s borders.

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The seemingly endless saga for what will come of the 684-acre sight may be reaching its final stretch. There are two key dates in August at the Brisbane City Council to look out for.

  • Monday, August 7th – The Council will determine the appropriate mix of land uses for the Baylands. Meaning they will decide whether or not the Baylands will include housing.
  • Thursday, August 17th – The Council will finalize the intensity of the approved land uses. Meaning, they will decide how many homes the plans should include.

These are the last two important meetings (for now) that will determine the future of the site. It’s important the Council sees people at these hearings who want homes at the Baylands. You can take the following steps to support a Baylands plan that includes housing:

  • RSVP to the August 7th hearing (7:30pm at Brisbane City Hall) on Facebook
  • RSVP to the August 17th hearing (7:30pm at Brisbane City Hall) on Facebook
  • If you don’t use Facebook, email Corey Smith at corey@sfhac.org
  • Sign our petition to the Council

Let’s make sure Brisbane is a part of the solution to the housing crisis.

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